"Kiani Industrial Group"

 We are so pleased to inform you that our company has capabilities to produce containers and plastic pieces and providing different kinds of services in this field which are as the following:

1. Manufacturing various kinds of plastic mould (injecting-pneumatic- industrial-hygienic)

2. Designing for manufacturing and consulting for packing of all kinds of liquids and solids.

3. Planning for mass production in order to decrease the production expenditure.

4. Manufacturing various kinds of containers with capacity of 200 cc to 30 liters.

5. Manufacturing the various kinds of plastic pieces made under 200 ton injecting pressure (bottle lid, automobile and other decorative pieces).

6. Producing the gauged form bottles which have 200cc to 5 liter capacity.

7. Delivery on buyer's place.

8. Installing and running of production line of plastic machines and pieces.

9. Handling and managing of projects and providing instructing and repairing service for that.

10. Silicon printing and engraving on plastic pieces.

11. Providing guaranty for all of our products according to the customer's wished and requested quality.

This company can produce 12000 bottles, 25000 containers with capacity of 2 to 5 liters , 20000 containers with capacity of 2 to 5 liters and 50000 bottles which have less than one liter capacity.

We would like to provide all suitable conditions to make good cooperation with all of you venerable companies.