"Kiani Industrial Workshop"

Started its activity with the manufacture of Injection & blow molds in 1986, and it began the production of Plastic parts upon the request of the customers in 1997. In this regard, the company opened its 2nd branch in the city of Shahriyar, then in 2001, due to remarkable increase in production and insufficient work area, the company decided to inaugurate its 3rd branch in the city of Malard, with an area of 1,500 Square meter, and since then, it changed its title to ‘Kiani Manufacturing and Industrial Group’. Our complex has been able to provide a fully-equipped center for the manufacture of different (injection & blow) plastic molds and parts as well as silk screen printing based on the standards of ISO9001, in a systematic work area. Our group is honored to be among the initial manufacturers of two-colored valves & bottles (whose liquid inside can be seen). Other notable activities of our company include cooperation with Behran Oil Company for the start-up of the filling & packaging line, Alvand Oil, Iranol Company, Fouman Chimie, Zam Zam, Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. and foreign investor Companies in Iran such as the German Company FUCHS, as well as other manufacturing and packaging companies affiliated to Chemical and Sanitary Industries.

Our objectives in order to satisfy the customers, and the General Policy of the Group:

1-To attempt toward the provision of the customers’ viewpoints & Recommendations;

2-To present high quality products;

3-To take care of a continuous renovation of the production line and the machinery, as well as purchase and substitution of the equipment with the state-of-the-art systems;

4-To implement a suitable purchase process, and to attempt toward utilizing quality raw materials;

5-To constantly review the qualitative ends of the group, and to make an effort in line with presenting optimal plans as well as more suitable containers for packaging;

6-To efficiently get use of the production capacity as a result of a wise planning;

Kiani Plastic Container Printingpacking 2010
Kiani Plastic Container Printingpacking 1388
Kiani Plastic Container Iranianindustry 2011
Kiani Plastic Container Esfahanplast 2009
Kiani Plastic Container Esfahanplast 2011
Kiani Plastic Container Printingpacking 1390
Kiani Plastic Container Parsplastshow 2011
Kiani Plastic Container Parsplastshow 2009